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William Mortensen Vaughan
William Mortensen Vaughan
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William Mortensen Vaughan
William Mortensen Vaughan

According to various websites, and family trees, such as FamilySearch and WikiTree, which people seem to change more often than diapers, my lineage has been TENUOUSLY traced back to Adam, via Greek gods, Norse gods, Caesars, and King Arthur's contemporaries. This section of my website is dedicated to finding out where the reality ends, and the fantasy begins.

For my autobiography, please see The Memoirs of William Mortensen Vaughan.

My parents are:

A1 [ii] :   William Knowlton Vaughan [i] †II

A2:  Merle Mortensen [i]

My grandparents are:

B1:  William Swift VaughanS

B2:  Maud Osborn Knowlton

B3:  Christian Hyrum Mortensen

B4:  Violet Stella Smith [i]

My great grandparents are:

C1:  Luther Clay Vaughan†∪‡

C2:  Mary Catherine Swift

C3:  Sheldon Densmore Knowlton

C4:  Edna Osborn

C5:  Morten Peder Andersen£

C6:  Ane Kirstine Jensen£

C7:  Erastus/Rasmus Julius Smith£

C8:  Josefina Bernhardina Beckman£

My great-great grandparents are:

D01:  John Vaughan

D02:  Louisa Hensley

D03:  Washington Sylvester Swift

D04:  Levina Jane Dunlavy

D05:  Henry Riker Knowlton

D06:  Hannah B. Hoppins

D07:  Luke Wright Osborn†∪‡

D08:  Elizabeth Jane Lambert

D09:  Anders Mortensen

D10:  Dorthea Olsdatter£

D11:  Jen Christian Jensen

D12:  Marie Nielsdatter

D13:  Rasmus Julius Smith£☧

D14:  Juliane Sørensdatter

D15:  Andreas Beckman

D16:  Christina Amalia Andersdotter£

E01-32:  E01-32


  1. i.0 i.1 i.2 People I met in person
  2. Codenames are as follows:
    The first part of each codename is a letter, corresponding to the column of a spreadsheet, corresponding to the generation in which the forebear is found; my parents are found in column A, so the first part of their codename is "A"; their parents (my grandparents) are listed in column B, so the first part of their codenames is "B"; their grandparents (my great grandparents) are listed in column C, so their codenames begin with "C," and so on.

    The second part of each codename is a number, corresponding to their place in their column of a spreadsheet; the father is first, so my father's codename is "A1," and my mother's, "A2." His father is "B1"; and his mother, "B2"; her father, "B3"; and her mother, "B4"; and so on.

Confederate Soldier

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

§DNA - corroborated by DNA

EOperation Enduring Freedom Veteran

QOperation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

KKorean War Veteran

£L.D.S. Pioneer

Military Service Member

Pony Express Rider

®Remarkable - someone who is remarkable

SSpanish-American War Veteran

Union Soldier

Veteran of Underage Military Service

IWorld War I Veteran

IIWorld War II Veteran

^Lineage traced to forebears born prior to 1700 A.D.

^^Lineage traced to forebears born prior to 1500 A.D.

^^^Lineage traced to forebears born prior to 1000 A.D.

^^^^Lineage traced to forebears born prior to 500 A.D.

^^^^^Lineage traced to forebears born before Jesus Christ

«Born prior to 1700 A.D.

««Born prior to 1500 A.D.

«««Born prior to 1000 A.D.

««««Born prior to 500 A.D.

«««««Born before Jesus Christ

The Memoirs of William Mortensen Vaughan
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