William Mortensen Vaughan (1962-)
William Mortensen Vaughan
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William Mortensen Vaughan
U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (Retired) William Mortensen Vaughan

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William Mortensen Vaughan served with the U.S. Army's Tenth Mountain Light Infantry Division, during Operations Enduring Freedom VII and Iraqi Freedom VI, and retired with the rank of Staff Sergeant.1,2
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William Mortensen Vaughan is a son of the Utah Pioneers.ii,1,3

Basic Data

Name at Birth:  William Mortensen Vaughan1,3

Date of Birth:  October 5, 19621,3

Place of Birth:  Cooley Memorial Hospital, Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah1,3

Gender:  male1,3

Father:  William Knowlton Vaughan1,2

Mother:  Merle Mortensen1,2

Siblings:  none

First SPOUSE:  María del Lourdes Bentos Balkon1

Children:  none1

Second SPOUSE:  Libertad B. Green1

Children:  none1


 6 NOV 1958:  María del Lourdes Bentos Balkon was registered in Montevideo, Uruguay; as of June 7, 2020, the exact date of her birth (allegedly, in Brazil) is unknown.

       1959:  Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba.

 circa 1960:  Merle Mortensen graduated from Box Elder High School and began serving as a Mormon Missionary in the Temple Square Mission. While serving as a Missionary in Salt Lake City, Utah, Merle met William Knowlton Vaughan (a.k.a. "Bill"), while crossing the intersection between Temple Square and the Hotel Utah.

20 JAN 1961:  John Fitzgerald Kennedy was inaugurated as the President of the United States of America.

24 MAR 1961:  Merle Mortensen and William Knowlton Vaughan were married in the Salt Lake Temple; Joseph Fielding Smith officiated.

       1962:  President Kennedy asked Congress for $531 million, to put a man on the Moon.

 2 MAR 1962:  Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors, in a game against the New York Knicks, at the Hershey Sports Arena, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, setting a record for the National Basketball Association (N.B.A.) destined to be the single-game scoring record for more than half a century.iii

26 SEP 1962:  "The Beverly Hillbillies" premiered on television, in the U.S.

 5 OCT 1962:  William Mortensen Vaughan (a.k.a. "Willie") was born at the Cooley Memorial Hospital, in Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah, while Merle and Bill lived in a trailer home, the the Wishing Well Motel, in Willard, Utah. The Beatles released their hit single, "Love Me Do," in the United Kingdom.

10 OCT 1962:  The first James Bond film, Dr. No, was released in the United Kingdom.

14 OCT 1962:  U.S. Air Force Major Richard Stephen Heyser piloted a U-2 spy plane over Cuba, and photographed a Soviet SS-4 medium-range ballistic missile being assembled for installation. "The Cuban Missile Crisis" began.

27 OCT 1962:  The Soviets shot two surface-to-air missiles at a U-2 spy plane over Cuba, killing U.S. Air Force Major Rudolph Anderson, Junior.

28 OCT 1962:  Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev agreed to remove the Soviet missiles from Cuba, ending "the Cuban Missile Crisis."

18 DEC 1962:  Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol premiered on television in the U.S.

Personal Notes and Discrepancies

ipeople I met in person

iiTo distinguish between people who were merely sons, daughters, and/or descendants of Utah Pioneers, or veterans of under-age military service, but not necessarily members of the corresponding organizations named for them, such as The National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers, The International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, or Veterans of Underage Military Service, I use lower case.

iiiAs of June 7, 2020, Wilt Chamberlain still holds basketball's single-game scoring record.


1information based on my personal knowledge and acquaintanceship, to the best of my recollection

2Department of Defense Form 214:  William Mortensen Vaughan

3Utah Birth Certificate:  William Mortensen Vaughan

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