2012 It's Christmas, Carol!
Quiz 8
As of: 9:40 p.m. E.S.T., Saturday, April 1, 2017

1. After rescheduling her eleven-o'-clock meeting to "now," how many people does Carol find waiting for her in the conference room, and how many of them remain silent throughout the meeting?
Four are present, and one remains silent.
Six are present, and two remain silent.
Eight are present, and three remain silent.
Ten are present, and four remain silent.

2. What do the Board Members do for Carol, on Christmas Day?
They throw a surprise Christmas party for her.
They all quit.
They babysit all of her grandchildren.
They elect her President of their company.

3. Who faints when Carol says, "Merry Christmas!"?

4. What does "Viva la revolucion!" mean, in what language?
"May the revolution live!" in Spanish
"Life revolves around L.A.!" in Portuguese
"That's life!" in French
"Live and let live!" in Italian

5. What do Carol's rebellious employees want to name their company?
Springwood Publishing
Revolution Publishing
Revolting, Inc.
Page by Page, L.L.C.

6. Why does Pam want to do business with Carol?
Because Carol has "the largest market share."
Because Carol is her daughter.
Because Carol is her best friend.
Because Carol always seems to be lucky.

7. What does Carol do for Kendra, on Christmas Day?
She gives her a paid sabbatical for one year, so she can start writing.
She makes her a full partner in her business.
She gives her two tickets to Madrid, so she can take her boy friend to see a bullfight.
She pays for everything Kendra had "on layaway."

8. How long does Zac intend to be out of town?
two years
three days
four months
five weeks

9. Where does Zac want to take Kendra?
New York City

10. What does Carol type on Ben's typewriter, at Susan's house?

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