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"A Trump Christmas Carol"

Seth Meyers
As of: 12:35 p.m. E.S.T., Sunday, September 9, 2018

1. When did this episode originally air?
Monday, October 19, 2015
Sunday, November 20, 2016
Thursday, December 21, 2017
Monday, January 22, 2018

2. After which year does this adaptation indicate there would be no future?

3. Which of the following people are not mentioned in this adaptation?
Vladimir Putin
Betsy DeVos
Kim Jong Un
This is a trick question; all of these people are mentioned in this adaptation.

4. In reality, who was the first U.S. President to meet with a ruler of North Korea while still in Office?
Jimmy Carter, when he met Kim Il-sung, in 1994
Bill Clinton, when he met Kim Jong-il, in 2009
Barack Obama, when he met Kim Nun-chuk, in 2012
Donald Trump, when he met Kim Jong-un, in 2018

5. In this fictitious adaptation, Donald Trump laughs at the idea of which of the following?
a sick child
an injured pet
a dead soldier
an educated woman

6. Which of the following stories about sick children is true?
In 1988, Donald Trump sent a private jet to take Harold and Judy Ten's sick child from Los Angeles to New York to be treated, when airlines in Los Angeles refused to allow the child on any of their aircraft because his life support equipment was too bulky.
In 2017, Donald Trump offered to help save Charlie Gard when the socialist British and European "death panels" allowed his doctors to take him off life support and let him die, in spite of his parents' pleas for mercy.
In 2018, in spite of Russian warnings not to attack Syria, Donald Trump had military forces bomb several Syrian targets after the Syrian military, using chemical weapons, massacred dozens of men, women, and children.
All of the above stories are true.

7. In this fictitious adaptation, what would Donald Trump prefer to do on Christmas?
spend time away from his wife and children, at the PLAYBOY Mansion
spend time at home, with his children and grandchildren
bomb Syria

8. In reality, where did Donald Trump spend his first Christmas Eve and Day, as the President of the United States of America?
He spent Christmas Eve fielding calls for NORAD's Santa Tracker hotline, and Christmas Day with his wife and their child, at their home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.
He spent the winter months with Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin.
He spent both days golfing with topless models in Hawaii while his wife and their child remained in New York.
This is a trick question; Donald Trump's whereabouts during his first month of December as President are a mystery.

9. In this fictitious adaptation, how many hours does the narrator say Donald Trump worked in one week?
This is a trick question; nothing in this adaptation of A Christmas Carol indicates that Donald Trump ever worked an hour in his life.

10. In reality, which of the following statements are true?
Trump formally announced his Presidential Candidacy June 16, 2015; Hillary Clinton formally announced her Presidential Candidacy on April 2, 2015.
Hillary Clinton attended fewer campaign rallies than Donald Trump, in 2015 and 2016, in Washington D.C. and only 37 States (38, counting Puerto Rico); in less time, Donald Trump attended more rallies than Hillary Clinton in Washington, D.C., 45 States, Mexico, and Scotland.
In the ten weeks prior to the Presidential Election of 2016, Donald Trump made 106 campaign stops, but Hillary Clinton made only 70.
All of the above statements are true.

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