Blackadder's Christmas Carol Quiz 10
As of: 6:05 p.m. E.S.T., Thursday, March 23, 2017

1. What does Ebenezer make for his servant, for Christmas?
a wreath
a moustache
a scarf
a fist

2. To whom does Ebenezer refer as "a huge halibut in trousers"?
the Spirit of Christmas

3. Who says that "Ill-conceived love is like a Christmas cracker: one massively disappointing bang, and the novelty soon wears of!"?

4. Whose head does Ebenezer say is "emptier than a hermit's address book"?
Asphyxia XIX's
Mrs. Scratchit's
Queen Victoria's

5. What does Ebenezer do when an urchin comes to his window to beg?
He opens the window, causing the boy to fall, without taking notice of him.
He gives him a Penny.
He tells him to go away.
This is a trick question; no one begs at Ebenezer's window, in this adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

6. What does Ebenezer do to Baldrick, when Baldrick neglects to slam the door in Queen Victoria's face?
He slams Baldrick's face in the door.
He punches Baldrick several times in the face, with his fist.
He shoots Baldrick in the chest, and leaves him to die on the floor.
He pushes him outside and slams the door in his face, as well as the Queen's.

7. Why do Queen Victoria and Prince Albert enter Ebenezer's home after he slams the door in their faces?
They think he'll recognize them.
They intend to reward him for his generosity.
both of the above
none of the above

8. What does Ebenezer say and do to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, after they enter his home without his permission?
He calls them imposters.
He says insulting things about the real Queen and Prince.
He shows them the door.
all of the above

9. What do Queen Victoria and Prince Albert intend to do for Ebenezer, until he insults them?
give him 50,000 Pounds
give him the title of Baron Blackadder
both of the above
none of the above

10. When does Ebenezer realize the couple he called imposters were the real Queen and Prince?
when the Spirit of Christmas tells him who they are
when Millicent tells him she recognizes them
when Baldrick shows him their Royal Seal, which they left with him.
all of the above

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