Blackadder's Christmas Carol Quiz 8
As of: 6:05 p.m. E.S.T., Thursday, March 23, 2017

1. When Edmund suggests Melchett might like to whip him naked through the streets of Aberdeen, what is Melchett's response?
"No! Aylesubry is far enough!"
"Yes, I would!"
"No, I wouldn't! Don't be ridiculous!"
This is a trick question; no one named Edmund is seen or mentioned, in this adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

2. Which of the following nicknames does Queen Elizabeth use to address Edmund?
This is a trick question; no one named Edmund is seen or mentioned, in this adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

3. What does the Prince Regent enjoy, in celebration of Christmas?
Christmas sherry
both of the above
none of the above

4. Who sleeps in a chair, in the Prince Regent's parlour?
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Victoria
Queen Asphyxia XIX

5. To whom does the Prince Regent refer, as "a cropper, with a couple of rum coves, on top of a hill in Johnny Arab Land"?
Prince John
Richard the Lionhearted

6. According to the Prince Regent, who always spoils "the X-mas atmos"?
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Victoria

7. Which of the following statements does the Prince Regent make to "granny"?
"Don't look now, but Sir Edmund is stealing your presents!"
"You're welcome to drink all the sherry you want, granny!"
"You're welcome to eat all the pudding you want, granny!"
"You've found Georgy-porgy, your handsome prince!"

8. Where does Queen Elizabeth threaten to place Edmund's head?
on top of the crimble tree
on a silver platter
on a spike in the fence around Buckingham Palace
in the Thames River

9. What title does Queen Asphyxia claim?
Countess of Camelot
Empress of Europe
Queen of England
Supreme Mistress of the Universe

10. By which titles does Asphyxia address Ebenezer's descendant?
Grand Admiral of the Dark Segment
Lord of the High-Slung Bottoms of Zob
Thrice-Endowed Supreme Donkey of the Trouser Pod
all of the above

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