Scrooge Gets an Oscar
Quiz 7
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1. When Oscar tells "Jacob Marley" that he's not Jacob Marley, what does he say?
He says he's filling in for him, because it's his busy season.
He insists that he is Jacob Marley.
He says he doesn't know who Jacob Marley is, but he'd like to meet him.
This is a trick question; Oscar never questions "Jacob Marley's" identity.

2. When Oscar doubts that "Jacob Marley" is real, what does "Jacob Marley" say and/or do?
He admits he's not real - just a figment of his imagination in his dream...
He kicks one of his shins, and asks, "Does that feel real?"
He slaps him across the face, and asks, "Does that feel real?"
He holds up poker cards, and says, "Pick a card - any card!"

3. How many stories down does Oscar tell "Jacob Marley" that there are below his apartment?
This is a trick question; Oscar's apartment is in the basement of his building.

4. What is different about "Jacob Marley" when he returns to Oscar's apartment after jumping out the window?
There's a bandage around his head, holding the jaw in place, and tied on top of his head.
One of his legs is in a cast.
One of his arms is in a sling.
This is a trick question; "Jacob Marley" takes Oscar flying out the window, like Superman, and never returns to the apartment.

5. What does "Jacob Marley" suggest doing the second time he leaves Oscar's apartment?
taking the stairs
taking the elevator
staying in Oscar's apartment
This is a trick question; "Jacob Marley" takes Oscar flying out the window, like Superman, and never returns to the apartment.

6. Where is the first time and/or place that "Jacob Marley" takes Oscar?
to see himself as a boy
to Mr. Fezziwig's Christmas Ball
to his apartment, when Belle gives him back her engagement ring
to Bob Cratchit's house, on Christmas Day

7. Which of the following are similarities between Jacob Marley, and the "Jacob Marley" in this adaptation of A Christmas Carol??
They both wear chains.
They both wear eyeglasses.
They both wear a rag, tied around their face, as if to hold their jaw shut.
all of the above

8. What did Oscar want Santa Claus to give him for Christmas?
an alchemy set
a ball
a rubber duck
a pony

9. Where did Oscar's parents say it was stupid to have a horse?
the Bronx
Long Island

10. Where did Oscar intend to keep his pony?
in his bedroom
in the back yard
in Central Park

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